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Mariah Rose

Hi there!

I'm Mariah (she/her), I'm a 28 year old lawyer born, raised and living in Brazil.

As you may have guessed by the fact that you're reading this in English, my life has taken me on quite a few trips around the world - including spending quite a few of my formative years in the USA, where I learned English as a child.

I have been labeled a reader since I first acquired the skill. My parents were always encouraging and from the countless fairytales, to my first comics, graphic novels, manga, and finally novels - I have never been able to go far without a book under my arm.

Some of my most prized possessions are the books gifted to me from my parents and grandfather when I was a child that not only nurtured my love of reading but opened so many doors in my mind - personally and educationally. Looking back I'm barely able to grasp just how fortunate I was for having people in my life who encouraged me to read, even when we lived in places less than ideal for someone with a hunger for books.

As time has passed and my 28 years on this earth have taken me to over 40 coutries, with three language softwares running on my brain at all times - and a couple that I'm still tinkering with the code ;) - and access to books and the written word today made so easy I don't think my younger self could ever really wrap her brain around it, I know have a couple thousand of books in my Read pile and I only ever find myself reaching for more.

You may also wonder about the other half of the MRG equation, the side you see on YouTube.

I have always loved technology, and while my favorite color is blue, I really should've taken a clue to where I was headed when I picked out my first pink iPod (which I actually still have!). I have been fascinated with asian culture since I can remember, but it's probably most notably associated with my early love for anime - my afternoons filled with Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura (which I raced home from school just in time to catch back to back episodes of) and then it was a rush to complete homework and attend extracurriculars to make it in time for Inu Yasha and Dragon Ball Z.

Those interests have long merged into a passion project I started years ago called "MoonRoseGirl", which is a play on my initials MRG, my middle name, and my first love: Sailor Moon. While MoonRoseGirl had a long hiatus and it is no longer what I first set out to do, I find it's quite alright. I have changed and this hobby has changed with me.

I finally decided on merging the two, as it would be quite impossible for me to do both as separate entities. At the end of the day I just want to externalize on the things I love, even if it is just a shout into the void.

If you made it this far I can only say thank you. Feel free to reach out through any of my platforms, I love chatting books and tech, and will pretty much never tire of it.


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