The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

“Some of the best demigods have gotten their start by blowing up toilets.


Mariah Rose

8/16/20211 min read

Listen. If y'all aren't tired of me getting on this damn soap box to yell about how much I love Rick Riordan, you're all probably saints.

This man. THIS MAN. There has never been a truer champion of children.
Find me a more diverse author in Middle Grade, I fucking dare you - hell, he can hold his own in any genre.

He's already tackled so much. From negligent parents, since the very beginning of the PJ series, to bi racial kids in TKC, LGBT rep throughout HOO, muslim rep, gender fluid rep AND deaf rep in MC. And those are just some highlights, there's so much more in between.

To tackle something so heartbreaking as abusive parents in such a way, damn.
I get lost in the thought of kids out there stumbling into libaries, finding these books and seeing so much of themselves, and understanding that early that abuse isn't just physical, it's not just the kind that leaves bruises.

Do not even get me started on Apollo's bisexuality and how it's woven into the story in such a beautifully simple manner because I will-
(This is not a spoiler. The Greeks were hella queer)

I know that's just a lot of ranting and not a lot about the book, but listen.
I was hesitant to start this series for multiple reasons, but mostly:
1. It's the last series of Uncle Rick' I haven't read, and I have attatchment issues and can't live in a world where there are no "new" RR books.
2. I would never doubt this man but I was unsure how relatable Apollo was going to be, being a god an all - even a temporarily mortal one. Thanks Zeus!

But Apollo read beautifully and his godlyness came across in a new, very much human way and I'm very excited to see this new Apollo develop.

Familiar faces:
Seaweed Brain
Solace, Will