“Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, [her] brain dried up and [she] went completely out of [her] mind.”
― Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote
"Pack of Lies" by Charlie Adhara was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and I couldn't be happier to report that it delivered on every level.

‘Monster Hunter’ is a spin-off of one of my all time favorite series, ‘The Big Bad Wolf’, where we first met Eli. The wolf has been an intriguing figure from his first introduction, and quickly ingratiated himself to both Cooper (quite against his better judgment) and to me (a willing victim), and I was jumping at an opportunity to learn more about him.

I confess to a bit of trepidation over the other main character in the series. I couldn’t quite imagine another lead who wouldn’t be outshined by Eli’s effusive charisma and mysterious backstory. Safe to say, I was worried over nothing.

Julian Doran, in his grief and goodness, his genuine emotion despite his need to play his cards close to his chest, is a compelling voice who is very easy to root for - and you can’t help but want to give him a hug.

This book had two very pleasant surprises - it has a dual POV! A first for Charlie Adhara. And the glass fogging amount of chemistry between Eli and Dorian from their very first moment. A magnetic pull almost, that feels every bit as intense for the reader as it does for the very aware but unwilling victims of it.

The mystery aspect will have you making suspect lists, grasping at connections and maybe highlighting way too many passages to analyze over and over again - but hey, maybe that’s just me.

“Pack of Lies” had it all. Humor and snark, mystery and suspense, humanity and vulnerability. Did I mention the glass fogging steam? Because it bears repeating. Adhara toes the edge of kink brilliantly as always, with communication and connection, trust and abandon. Oh, and you may be interested to know that a certain Prickly Porcupine and his wolf half benevolently graced us with an appearance *wink wink*.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Eli and Julien.

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💕 happy release day to Irresponsible Puckboy 💕
by Eden Finley & Saxon James

if i had to choose authors guaranteed to get me out of a slumpy mood, you can bet these two would be at the top of the list.

the latest release in the Puckboys series feature some of my favorite things: 
💕idiots to lovers
💕there was only one brain cell
💕fake marriage
💕familiar faces from the Fake Boyfriend & CU Hockey series

I’ve had my eye on Tripp and Dex since they were first mentioned, and their story didn’t disappoint in the least.

for laughs, ridiculousness, oblivious best friends, and plenty of steam, grab this one from Kindle Unlimited today!

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❤️‍🔥 “she would become whatever she needed to be to survive.” ❤️‍🔥

One of my most anticipated releases of the year is officially here! The Infernal War Saga by Hailey Turner has kicked off with the first book, “The Prince’s Poisoned Vow” - available now of Kindle Unlimited! You really don’t want to miss this Epic Fantasy series with Steampunk elements. And Hailey really out the S T E A M in Steampunk. … I’ll see myself out. 👋🏻 

But honestly. This book sank its teeth into me in chapter 1 and has just refused to let go. I’ve had chills running up and down my arms as things start to come together and my brain is firing on all fronts to try and keep up. I will be losing sleep until all my favorites are safe and happy. But that just means I get to reread Metahuman Files (or finish Soulbound heh) until then.

QOTD: What are some of your insta-buy or insta-read authors?

I first stumbled into Hailey’s Metahuman Files series a couple of years ago when I was looking for a fun action packed read to blow off some steam and destress from Grad School, little did I know it would become one of my all time favorites. I read the entire thing in 13 days. As one does. And i’m still constantly thinking about my Alpha Team babies. 🤍

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#CosmereBookClub does Mistborn: Era I ✨

Excited to take some friends over to Scadrial, to meet the Survivor of Hathsin and the Crew. And you know i’m dying to see what i missed the first time around.

Mistborn is a more action driven series, but you can expect the usual steep learning curve that comes with the first book in an Epic Fantasy series.

The breakdown is a little different this time around, so please double check the chapters and dates. Let me know in the comments or in the poll in my stories if you’d like to join in.

Week 1, Chapters 1 to 8. 147 pages.
chat on Monday, May 9th.
Week 2, Chapters 9 to 20. 137 pages.
Chat on Sunday, May 15th.
Week 3, Chapters 21 to 30. 139 pages.
Chat on Sunday, May 22nd.

Week 4, Chapter 31 to Epilogue. 108 pages.
Chat on Sunday, May 29th.

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and so the Cosmere Book Club kicks off with ✨ Elantris ✨, because where could we possibly start but at where it all began.

the time has come, I am starting my Cosmere reread. but much more importantly, I’m so excited to share it with friends! If you’d like to join our read along, we’ll have a group chat going for very chill chats about the book on fridays. we’ll be taking on one book a month starting in April, and you can hop on and off wherever you’re interested. first time readers and rereaders welcome, and feel free to invite anyone you’d think would enjoy it.

Elantris is 555 pages long and we’ll be breaking it down for the 4 weeks of April. If you’re a binge reader (like me lol) feel free to read at your own pace, just keep spoilers out of the chat. and if you’re a slow reader, we won’t be reading more than 150 pages every week.

Week 1, Chapters 1 to 10 (137 pages) April 8th
Week 2, Chapters 11 to 20 (142 pages) April 15th
Week 3, Chapters 21 to 40 (136 pages) April 22nd
Week 4, Chapter 41 to Epilogue. (140 pages) April 29th

Elantris is a standalone novel, which confuses a lot of people when I tell them it’s where the Cosmere begins. but personally, I think it’s pretty smart to start what’s become one of the more intimidating Epic Fantasy series with a book that’s perfectly self-contained and doesn’t require more reading to feel complete. 

⭐️what is the Cosmere?

the Cosmere is the universe where several of Sando’s books take place. as a result, books that are set in the Cosmere share a single cosmology and underlying rules of magic, and some characters from one world will make appearances on other worlds. 

⭐️how does Elatris fit into the Cosmere?

Elantris is Sando’s first published book, and is the first book he wrote to consciously include Cosmere mythology, character and magic.
the book is set on the planet Sel. 

let me know if you have any questions, and i’ll add anything else i think is important in the comments.

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This book was the epitome of the “I came out to have a good time” meme. I did not, in fact, expect to be attacked this way.

First things first. Baseball. I don’t know a single thing about it - thankfully, you don’t need to to enjoy this book. Switch-Hitter is the first book in a fictional MLB series where LGBTQ+ players are comfortably out, featuring a very lonely baseball player with a chip on his shoulder and a grumpy French chef who will defend escargot to the death.

This packed a bigger emotional punch than I expected. Pietro’s experience with ADHD is so incredibly similar to my own, I have a dozen different quotes highlighted from his internal monologue that I keep revisiting. It made me feel so seen and so connected and invested in him from the very beginning.

Thierry gets handed shit hand after shit hand, which doesn’t negate his past mistakes at all, but his journey is one that I found myself rooting for early on. I raged at every roadblock put in his path, clenched my teeth when he stumbled, cried when he was knocked down and cheered for every step he climbed.

These are two very flawed human beings trying to overcome their own failings and the shit life keeps dumping on them, and who, despite all odds, find solace and strength in each other.

I loved how reluctant and unwilling they were to fall for eachother, and the fact they were completely aware of what was happening and yet were absolutely helpless to stop it was just *chef’s kiss*

Switch-Hitter arrives on March 16th & is available for pre-order. Thank you to Gray’s Promotions for providing me with this ARC.

This was my first E.M. Lindsey book, and I’m jumping straight into Pietro’s brother 
Gabriel’s story in “Nothing Ordinary”, which you can think of as a prequel of sorts.

Content warning in the comments. Please be aware they contain spoilers.

[ID: a tablet with the cover of Switch-Hitter displayed on a wooden easel in the foreground. Mariah’s shelves and guitars are somewhat blurred in the background.]

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my vacation time has technically ended, though i got some extra days due to carnaval. i did my best to actually rest and relax during this time off, instead of letting myself hyper-fixate in cleaning and reorganizing, or working on my *mumbles* side hustle. happy to report i did a lot of nothing, ate lots of junk food and took lots of naps. i officially deem this vacation a success.

i also used this time to reflect and reassess my priorities, especially with a birthday coming up, which always makes me think about what i want from life. can you tell i’m an over-thinker. 

i’m also constantly reminding myself that reading is a huge privilege, and i always feel like it’s my own ultimate privilege to have been a capital-R Reader for my entire life.

i always remember reading being an integral part of my life, from quadrinhos (turma da mônica 🇧🇷), to tween magazines/graphic novels like WITCH and Winx, to my very early interest in manga.

middle grade and YA will always mean the world to me because they’re so intrinsically linked to my formative years. from my dad always bringing me books from trips, my mom writing my name in all my books because i took them everywhere, to them literally checking Barnes & Noble boxes as luggage home from Miami because that was the only way to get books in English at the time. and if i talk about saturday bookstore trips with my grandfather. i will blubber. 

which brings us to today’s post. (which was the true tangent? you decide.)

i always feel like the most obnoxious human when i talk about the Cosmere because it absolutely fascinates me and i am incapable of not being excited! about it.

that said, I read Sando’s YA series this year, The Reckoners & Skyward and they each deserve their own posts for sure.

i’ve also recently read Legion (which is wild and definitely not YA), and i’m halfway through The Rithmatist (which has a beautiful Sando Hard Magic SystemTM and is definitely YA) and it’s taking me back to being a wide-eyed kid first setting foot in Narnia, and Alagaesia, and Camp Half-Blood. and so many others.

QOTD: what’s the last MG or YA book you read?
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a friday shelfie to document some recent changes (and the fact that i finally dusted and cleaned them.) small victories.

i’m still constantly daydreaming about floor-to-ceiling shelves (with a ladder 😮‍💨🤌🏻), but until my lease is up on April and i make an offer on this place, i don’t want to entertain the idea.

I did buy a sneaky short shelf to add by the door, because things are once again getting tight, and i need some flexibility for some upcoming releases - and my constant urges to buy my favorite KU titles.

QOTD: any Hardcover Fantasy series rec? I need a long series to sink my teeth into - only complete series or ones that are almost done please. my heart can’t take it.

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